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Silkiness, finesse and elegance: these are the main characteristics of our Saten. The most demanding connoisseurs will certainly love its intense and fruity scent, with nuances of bread crust, and its full taste, sweet and fresh at the same time. The secret of this wine – produced only in Franciacorta and only from Chardonnay grapes – is the long aging period: the bottles of Saten spend 36 months on their yeasts, one year longer than the minimum times indicated in the procedural guideline.
The lower pressure in the bottle (5 atm), moreover, gives this wine a very fine and creamy perlage, capable of awakening real "emotions of taste", obtained thanks to a masterly vinification process which sees 10% of the base must fermented and aged in small oak barrels for three months.
Suitable as an appetizer but also with the whole meal.


Le Cantorie has always been focused on the production of Franciacorta wines of great quality. For this reason, its Brut boasts minimum refinements of 30 months, 12 months more than the 18 imposed by the Franciacorta specification. The time spent on the yeasts awakens in the wine new harmonies, all to be experienced. 
This Franciacorta is obtained with classic method from selected Chardonnay (80%) and Pinot noir (20%) grapes, and it gathers all the characteristics of the territory. It is a complex product: fragrant, savoury and mineral, with a very thin perlage, and fragrances of fruits and yeast, elegant and refined on the palate. 
It is an excellent sparkling wine, suitable as appetizer but also for the whole meal.


Our Rosé comes exclusively from Pinot noir grapes, grown at the top of the hill of Gussago named La Cudola - 300 meters high. It is a classic method dedicated to our maternal grandmother Rosi, which left a strong mark in the Bontempi family. 
Thanks to the favourable exposure, the grapes are harvested in the first half of August and then vinified; in this phase the must, left in contact with its skins for about ten hours, acquires its characteristic pink colour, with copper nuances. Afterwards, about seven months after the harvest, the wine is bottled with the addition of selected yeasts and left in refinement for about 30 months. 
A structured wine, with a strong, full and captivating taste, given by the employment of Pinot Noir grapes only. It has an intense and tempting scent of rose, small red fruits and strawberry, that matches perfectly with both meat and fish dishes, especially with shellfish.


Only in particularly exceptional years does the company's flagship wine come into being: Pas Dosé Riserva. This wine is not produced at every harvest: the oenologist, Elisabetta, waits patiently for the deserving vintage, with value and finesse capable of giving birth to this important Franciacorta. A 10% of the selected must is fermented in barriques and left there for a minimum of three months, in bâtonnage on its noble lees; then, after the second fermentation, faces a long aging period, ranging from 60 to 72 months. The lack of the addition of the liqueur d'expedition means that in the glass all the purity and the elegance of the Franciacorta base wine of Gussago can be found. 
The strong and clear character of this reserve does not affect its great elegance, which reveal itself through a fine and delicate perlage, a golden yellow colour and a strong scent of yeasts, bread crust and ripe fruit. It has a very persistent taste, which maintains, however, an incredible freshness and minerality.


Our Curtefranca Bianco, produced with the same love and care as the best-known wines of Le Cantorie, will surprise you. 
Obtained from Chardonnay grapes only, it is a straw-coloured wine with greenish-yellow reflections, well-structured, fresh and pleasant to the palate. It has a rich and delicate bouquet at the same time, able to tell the story of the territory from which it comes. 
Suitable for appetizers, main courses, fish and white meat dishes.


Obtained from Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon, Merlot, Barbera and Nebbiolo grapes, this is the red Curtefranca proposed by Le Cantorie. 
A classic daily wine, which, thanks to its complex characteristics and twelve months of aging in barrique, can be included among the reserves.
It is a wine that openly declares its origins from the eastern border of Franciacorta, with a ruby red colour and a pleasant perfume of good persistence, which inspires scents of undergrowth. It has a round taste, which maintains notes of youth and makes it suitable for matching with pasta dishes and red meat.


Barbera, Marzemino, Incrocio Terzi and Schiava gentile are the main grape varieties of this important red reserve of Le Cantorie. 
Produced from vineyards of almost forty years, still cultivated with pergola trentina system, it has a deep ruby red colour, a vinous and fruity scent of undergrowth, a round and clean taste, that maintains, however, freshness and a gentle tannicity, synonymous with elegance. Its persistence will surprise you. A small, but historical DOC from Brescia, the Cellatica, which expresses itself perfectly in the bottles of our Rossogiulia. Only three wineries produce this precious and unique wine.
This reserve, with its strong and marked aromas, is aged for 18 months in French oak barrels. 
Its matches with traditional meat dishes are flawless as well as the ones with typical cheese.


Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc: our Balenc is definitely the Lord of Le Cantorie. 
This wine is named after the paternal grandfather, Luigi, whose nickname was "Balenc" (from local dialect "balencare", that is staggering). 
The late harvest and the drying on the vine of the Cabernet grapes leave their mark on this structured and full-bodied wine, which is vinified through a process of maceration on the skins for more than a month and aged in small French oak barrels for a maximum of 24 months. Then, it spends other 12 months in the bottle, in order to achieve perfect balance.
A spicy and complex bouquet, with scents of red fruits such as cherry, blackberry and plum: a triumph of aromas, harmonized by an incredibly long persistence. It is a wine that, while tasting it, should be listened to: its vibrant notes will awaken intense emotions in the theatre of your palate.
It is perfect in combination with important and full-bodied dishes.


From a vital desire for experimentation comes Coro Nero, a refined and definitely extraordinary wine. At the origin of this jewel – which the winery proposes only once in ten years and in limited edition – there is a careful selection of grapes from ten different vintages. This makes this wine unique. 

The grapes that make it up – Barbera, Marzemino, Cabernet Sauvignon and Moscato di Scanzo – come from the terraces of the highest hillside vineyards of the Bontempi family. These are left to dry first on the vine and then in small boxes for about 2 months. Afterwards, part of the obtained wine is aged in small oak barrels, and then destined to very few numbered 0.50 lt. bottles.

Coro Nero is a reserve red that combines strength and elegance, enhancing density and aromatic richness with a slightly sweet taste, clean and round. A traditional and at the same time innovative wine.

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