Le Cantorie - Wines



The leading product of the farm, the PAS DOSE’ 2008 RISERVA, comes from the wine production of extraordinary years. It is a wine that cannot be produced every grape harvests but only when the harvest is worth, when the value and the refinement of the basic wine can give birth to this peculiar Franciacorta. It made its first debut in 2012 after a 8 months period of refinement in little oak tree new barrels and 60 months of refinement on its own yeasts. This wine produced without the the liqueur d'expedition fully expresses the olfactory and gustatory characteristics of the Franciacorta wine of the hilly territory of Gussago. Its strong and clear character makes this reserve wine a product of great elegance with a fine and soft perlage, a golden-yellow color, a strong fragrance of yeasts and bread crust and a refined and persistent taste.
Year produced: 2006 – 2008 – 2009 – 2011
Serve at 8-10° C



Obtained from Pinot Black grapes, grown at the top of Gussago’s hill “La Cudola” 300 meters high, is the Rosé “ROSI DELLE MARGHERITE”; this classic method is named after the maternal grandmother “Rosi” who left a strong mark in Bontempi’s family. Thanks to the good geographic position, the grapes are harvested in the first half of August; after the wine-making, the must will stay in contact with its skins for 1 day and will acquire an auburn old rose colour. After 7 months from the grape harvest, the wine is bottled together with selected yeasts and left in refinement for 24 months. A wine with a good structure and a strong taste given by the single Pinot Black grapes; it has a intense and tempting perfume of little red fruits that perfectly match with meat and fish dishes, especially shellfishes.
Keep it out of the light and serve at 8-10°C.



Sparkling wine obtained with classic method with sole Chaedonnay grapes, maturated and refined on their own yeasts in bottle for at least 30 months. Its intense and fruity scent and its full and gentle taste will surely be loved by the most exigent connoisseurs. The particular cultivation allows to get a very fine and creamy foam, able to accompany the harmonious notes enveloping the palate: "emotions of taste" obtained thanks to a masterly wine making which provides a great part of the basic wine refined in small oak tree barrels. Suitable as an appetizer and for matching with the whole meal.
Serve at 8-10 °C.


The producing farm Le Cantorie, focused on the wine-making of a high-quality Franciacorta, proposes its Brut that makes you coming closer to new sensational harmonies. Obtained with selected Chardonnay grapes (80%) and Pinot black grapes (20%) with classic method refined on their own yeasts in bottle for at least 36/24 months, it gathers the characteristics of the territory. The result is a fresh and scented product, with a thin perlage and refined fruity fragrances. Excellent sparkling wine suitable as an appetizer and for matching with the whole meal.
Serve at 8 – 10 °C